“A Big Thank You”

Greetings to all,

Today I want to share my gratitude for the launch yesterday of our new website.

So many people made this possible through the years in many different ways and I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

I want to especially thank Marc, our web designer.  He is a master at what he does.  He enabled me to breeze through the process of putting this website together.

My gratitude is unending for his unique talent, attention to detail, and patience while waiting for the material at times.

He made the entire  process all along the way so easy until there was a finished design that is more than amazing.

Thank you, Marc, you have my deepest respect as the professional that you are.



Color book adventure coming


Greetings to children everywhere no matter what your age…

Gabrielle’s Dreamland Carousel, our first adventure, will take you on a journey through
the “Circle of the Seasons”.  Not only will you journey through the seasons, you will
experience the garden in its different stages of growth and rest.  There is much to learn
from a garden. 

A garden is an adventure in itself and much like life there is so much to
learn and discover. 

We will explore new worlds and new words as we go on the many adventures through the
Dreamland Carousel experience. 

So to get our adventure started, let’s give the boys a new name of “Adventurer” and  the girls a new name I have coined…which is (drum roll) “Adventuress”.

From now on, “boys”, you are the “Adventurer”…girls, you are the “Adventuress”…

Remember…here we can use our imaginations to just have fun and play.  

Also, I want to adventure into the land of vocabulary words that are used in the stories.
The words and the essence of their meaning will be used as an educational tool to add
to the Adventurer and Adventuress experience.

I will invite the special friends you meet in each season to come and share their stories
as they teach about their garden-time.

Soon, we will be adding a coloring book entitled:                                                                  

“Gabrielle’s Dreamland Carousel Adventures”

You will be able to download the coloring book in the very near future on our website.

The coloring book will be a nice addition to the adventure stories and lullabies as it will provide a visual aid for children to follow.

The theme of the coloring book will be:

“Follow the Dreamland Carousel Characters on their special adventures by circling the seasons and coloring their worlds…”

We will also include the vocabulary words in the coloring book that are used in the adventure stories. These words are very important to understand and will expand the educational tool into the visual aid to add to the fun and adventure.

This ends the first “All Things Adventure” blog…but it is just the beginning.

Talk soon,