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“Focusing Children’s Energy in Positive Directions” through music.
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All music and lyrics by
Artwork, music, and lyrics
copyright 2012
Waveland Music LLC

The Dreamland Adventure CD
The Dreamland Adventure CD has unique bedtime adventures with background music that is original, soothing, and relaxing. This CD may be used in place of reading bedtime stories for a fun way of ending the day.


The Dreamland Lullaby CD
The Dreamland Lullaby CD which is instrumental only can take children into Dreamland sleep when parents need children to drift off to sleep peacefully on nights without story-time. The original music therapeutically relaxes everyone from the cares of the day sending them gently off to Dreamland’s shore.

You Came from A Star

There is a “child in us all” that yearns to be the “Star” of our own life.
Children believing in themselves is the key as they build self-confidence in order to sing and dance their way through life.
“You Came from a Star” is a musical tribute to all children everywhere no matter what their age.

Winter Musical

“Do You Have Time to Be My Friend?” is a magical story told in a winter wonderland about love and hope for people of all ages. There are many Snow men and Snow women that come into our lives, each with a different name and arriving and leaving in different spaces and times.

The Winter Musical tells the story of a Snowman who longs to express what is really inside him before he melts away.

The distinct carousel sound of the classical music enriches each character as they unfold the story of “Do You Have Time to Be My Friend?”.

So the Snowman asks you the question…”Do You Have Time to Be My Friend?” before I melt away…for I will only be here on this one, cold winter day…The Sun is bright and I know now that I won’t be here long…I only have right now to sing this special winter song.

Please join all the characters on the winter carousel for an adventure you will always remember.

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